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The article talks in depth how music has evolved and branched off into various directions, such as the clothing industry, sneaker ads, film industry. Music videos were one option to gain the attention of those who did not frequently visit the record store, after seeing a video of an artist performing a song or a […]

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1990’s Indie Rock

Indie Rock music is a genre founded by musicians who tend to want to break away from the “mainstream music” leading and creating their own genre. This music started underground, some bands to this date are still known for keeping a low key and staying out of the spotlight. Some particular Indie Rock bands don’t […]

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Hip hop was more than just rappers rhyming beats and living in ghetto areas. The idea of hip hop is about breaking into tight knit crews, one finding his/hers identity, where does one individual fit in? It’s about individuals learning about the language on the street, and answering the question of where do they fit […]

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